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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Get Happy

I've written about happiness here a few times (see this, this, and this); it's certainly something I think about a lot. I feel that happiness is partly disposition, and partly reaction. So I was pretty interested when I came across this article (via), and have been mulling it over since. 

Courtney Somer, a wellness guru, shares simple steps to creating your own happiness. This passage struck me in particular: 

"Everything in the universe is energy. You are energy, so are your emotions, thoughts and words. These energies hold a vibration, which flow out into the world and constitute the field that surrounds you.

This will determine not only your current state of being, but what you attract into your life — people, circumstances, events — and create your future. So, keeping your energetic field clear, open and positive is one of the most important things you can do to influence what you attract and help create what you want."

So, we can change our mental state, and develop more happiness in our lives, by shifting the way we look at the world. But how?

Create your day
Take a few quiet moments in the morning to meditate on the day ahead, meditate on how you hope it will unfold, and allow your self to feel grateful for what lies ahead. 

Set an intention 
"Today I will laugh," or "today I will feel joy," declare what you want to feel or experience that day.

Change your posture
Sounds silly, but it has an effect. Sit straight, stand tall, let you energy flow unobstructed. 

Use your words
How we speak effects how we think. Are you speaking in negative terms or positive ones? "I'll never have the job I want," vs "I'm working toward the job I want." There is a difference, negativity attracts negativity - don't put that out there. Focus of what your hopes are and move toward them. 

Improve the company you keep
This is obvious, right? Surround yourself with people who build you up, who you feel good around.

Feel gratitude 
This one is pretty profound. "You can have all the things in the world, but if you’re not grateful it won’t mean anything ... Being grateful and accepting all that you have right now allows more goodness to flow to you."

Pretty awesome, right? Read the original article here.  

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  1. Great article and it's SO true about being grateful. Sad, though, that often we can't feel truly grateful until we experience loss.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  2. Inspiring, thanks! Happy weekend!


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