Wed Day

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is marriage? "Mariage is two people in love standing in the same bathroom." Yes, I couldn't agree with this print more. It's such a simply stated version of what you can expect after you marry (or move in with) someone.

I feel like many popele have a romanticized and unrealistic expectation of what marriage will do for them. Will it change your life? Yes, but perhaps not in the way you expect. Will you get married and then that person will make you whole and happy? No. You have to become a whole person on your own.  Can you get married and expect that person to support you, and help you in the journey to realizing your whole self? Yes, but ideally you will know who you are before you get married. It isn't fair to expect someone else to be your moon and stars, and vice versa - to a certain extent you need to be your own star. Decide the type of person you are or want to be, strive to learn about and better yourself, and then find someone who supports and brings out your best qualities - but don't expect that person to create those qualities for you. Or worse yet, don't expect that person to make you happy - that's way too much pressure to place another person (or, to quote something I saw on Printerest "don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket").

Find someone who makes you laugh, who make you want to be a better person, who makes you feel special and confidant, who thinks you're beautiful, who you trust - and then get ready to spend the rest of you life with them sharing the same bathroom brushing your teeth before bed. Because it isn't always earth-shattering romance, most of the time it's making dinner and then making fun of contestants on The Bachelor. But if you're lucky, you will laugh and be kissed everyday and appreciate what you have, because you married your best friend - whom you also think is a sexy beast - and you love sharing a bathroom with them.


  1. And someone who will beat up a crack-head for you, right? ;) I love your blog! Wubbin!


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