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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I was really struck by this article on the Huffington Post, decoding 10 behaviors of happy people. While I don't think that there is a single path to happiness, it is interesting to consider the commonalities that "happy people" share. These commonalities include building a strong social network, practicing gratitude, optimistic world views, developing strong coping skills, focusing on health, and working toward meaningful life goals.

Though I am generally a "happy person," after reading the article, I reflected on the times in my life when I haven't been so happy. It was interesting to find that durring those times there where "holes" in the happiness behaviors listed in the article. Maybe I didn't feel I was working toward my goals, or had just moved and was rebuilding my social network - whatever it was, once that area was strengthened, my happiness improved. So while there isn't a "recipe" for happiness, it's nice to know there are behaviors and attitudes we can focus on when we're feeling blue.

What do y'all think? Agree or disagree? Are there any behaviors you'd add to the list?

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