Second Trimester

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In my opinion, the second trimester is actually pretty fun. I had a fairly typical second trimester - my energy levels went back up, my morning sickness slowly started to fade, and in general I just started to feel more used to being pregnant. It all starts to feel more normal and more real. You also finally get to share the big news, and then a little later can find out if you're expecting a girl or boy. Plus, that awkward new mid-section thickness starts to form into a real bump. All fun things. 

So just like I did before, I thought I'd share a few of the "must haves" that got me though my second trimester. 

A few of the things I did in my first trimester I continued into my second. Particularly, vitamin E oil on my belly to combat stretch marks twice a day, and a good body scrub to keep my more sensitive skin nourished and smooth. I found that doing a few things to pamper myself really went a long way - schedule as many mani-pedi dates as your girlfriends will tolerate. 

Take advantage of your energy during this time to plan any special trips and/or to make sure you get ample time in with your friends and partner. As you get further and further along, you'll probably start to feel more worn out again. 

I also continued to faithfully do my Tracy Anderson workouts and walked as much as possible. 

A few of the products I discovered that really made a difference were the bump nest pillow to ease restless nights, and the bella band to support your growing bump and to allow you to wear your pre-pregnancy pants (unbuttoned) longer. It's also a good time to invest in some cute flats, since (to my chagrin) heels become more and more uncomfortable. 

The second trimester is also a good time to read some books, not just on pregnancy, but on those early days of parenting as well. You know, before you're too exhausted to absorb what your reading. I read The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy, What to Expect When You're Expecting, The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Sleepeasy Solution, and Your Baby and Child. It's also a good time to get a journal and start recording all your thoughts and feelings going on at this time. 

Throughout it all my favorite app has been Pregnancy ++ - it's so through, it's actually the only one I've used. 

This was also when the hubs and I began our baby registry. We used so we could pick items from multiple stores.

In terms of  cravings, I still wanted the occasional burger and developed a particular weakness for pizza. But I found myself really wanting berries of all kinds (tangy and sweet, plus super good for you) and smoothies quickly became my-go to for when I needed to eat but nothing sounded yummy. 

Oh, and any of you Bay Area mom's to be, I can't say enough good things about Jane Austin's pre-natal pregnancy partners workshop. The hubs even enjoyed it (after admitting he had been coerced into going)

Okay mama's, did I miss anything? 

PS: Thoughts on pregnancy, half way through, and my other pregnancy and baby posts.

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