The Big 3 - 0

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy birthday to meee!

I'm 30 today dolls. Three. Zero. It's a big one and it totally snuck up on me. I must admit, I've been preoccupied with another little girl's impending birthday and haven't given a lot of thought to mine. The hubs and I celebrated with a joint 30th party in March (in between both of our real birthday's) so I feel like I've already done the necessary celebrating. This birthday will be quieter than most, but I think that's appropriate for where I am right now (i.e. 9 months pregnant).

30 hasn't hit me that hard. Honestly, 20 was a much bigger shock. I'm actually pretty content with where my life is in this moment. I don't know if it's exactly what I pictured 30 would be, but I feel "grown-up" on good days, and am happy more often than not. So I'm calling that a win. I'm proud of the progress I made in my 20's and am excited to see where my 30's lead.

I still firmly believe that the best is yet to come - cheers to that dolls!

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