Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, March 11, 2013

This weekend was much more restful compared to the last few weekends 'round these parts. It was a weekend of long walks, and long late night wine spurred talks.

My mama was in town and thankfully I was finally feeling un-sick. Friday was an doozy of a work day, so it was such a treat to take my mama out for a glass of wine that evening - we went to Cafe Muse, one of my long time favorites, and stayed out later than expected, which was also a nice treat. Saturday was a beautiful day in the City, perfect for a loong walk and a late lunch here (another favorite), followed by a super yummy dinner out here (yet another fave) to celebrate my mama's birthday.  She headed home on Sunday, so I took the day to clean house, run errands, and otherwise catch up. Yep, this weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

How about you crazy kids? How were your weekends?

Image of Rico Chainsaw and Sofie via yours truly


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