Weekend Wrap-up

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey hey, kids! How were all a y'alls weekends? Ours was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Three days is the perfect amount of time if you ask me. Saturday was a lazy lazy day, not much happened aside from a long walk and a mani pedi. I cooked dinner, we opened a bottle of wine, rented Skyfall, and called it a night. Sunday was our fun day fo sho. 

We picked up a zip car, packed a picnic  and headed north for the Russian River.  Our first stop was Arista Winery - a really beautiful and peaceful family owned winery. If you like a nice pinot noir, this is a place for you. We did a tasting, picked out a bottle we both liked, and claimed a picnic table. It was really nice to spend the afternoon just chatting and enjoying being together without computers, phones, or our TV as distractions. Plus there were goats - goats! The black and white one above was especially friendly (and especially interested in our crackers). Our next stop was the river itself, we did a mini-hike wandering down the banks. Finally it seemed like a good idea to wrap up the day with dinner at the Russian River Brewery, which indeed it was. 

Monday was another lazy day. I ran errands, cleaned the appartment, went an another looong walk, and had a nice long, much needed, chat with one of my dearest friends. Not a bad three days - just what this girl needed. 

What did you all do? I'd love to hear - xo! 

Images via yours truly. 


  1. Glad you had a fun weekend! Wine tasting sounds amazing, I've only been once and would love to do it again!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Such a beautiful place!

  3. I loved Arista too! Trying to get some good ideas for when my sister comes in a month. Thanks for the Russian River Brew Pub tip!


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