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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Isn't this side braid bun combo beautiful? This would be perfect for a wedding, but just as lovely for a special night out, or for your next birthday celebration. 
1. Part hair, a nice deep side part is perfect for this.
2. Grab a small section of hair and begin a French braid as you normally would:
3. & 4. Split into 3 parts.
5. Start French braiding, making sure to braid tight and diagonally across the head.
6. Secure braid with a hair tie.
7. Roll the braid up and in, making a pretty little bun.
8. Secure bun next to or above ear with hair pins.
Optional finishing touch: add sparkly pins, clips, flowers, fake birds, or whatever. Boom!
Images etc via Once Wed


  1. These pictures make it so easy to do it! I will try. Thank you :-)


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