Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, February 4, 2013

Like I said, this weekend was a big one. It was so nice to have the hubs' family in town on Saturday. We spent time just being together, went to the De Young museum in Golden Gate Park (always a good choice), and had a special dinner out.

Sunday was the Super Bowl, sadly our team didin't pull off the win, but (as I keep reminding the hubs) it was an honor just to be nominated. Whatever the outcome, it was a great excuse to have a bunch of our close friends over. One of our friends, a very talented chef,  offered to take care of the food (yeah, agreeing to that took all of .002 seconds) and the menu was silly good. 49 inch roasted raven (aka turkey) sandwich, red and gold beets, P. Willie's potato salad, Harbeancakes (aka polenta bean and cheese cakes), and gold nugget popcorn - with truffle oil. Amaze. Balls. I ate my weight in that popcorn. It was a fun day, it would have been more fun if the 49ers had won, but what can you do?

How were all of your weekends? Were you into the Super Bowl this year? How good was Beyonce? I totally lost it when Destiny's Child made a cameo - took me right back to high school!

Image via yours truly, clockwise: me in my "football pose," the hubs and I being silly serious in GG Park, our football feast, a view of the Academy of Sciences with Sutro Tower behind in GG Park. 


  1. you are the cutest couple! love the pics.
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