Happy Weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Yay! We made it to another weekend, and this one is gonna be a doosey my friends. My in-laws are coming to visit on Saturday - an early birthday celebration for the hubs, so sweet. We're both really looking forward to seeing them. We'll probably do some light sightseeing, and the grab dinner here (a local favorite of mine, seriously, it's delicious). Then Sunday it's the...

SUPERBOWL!!! The hubs is beside himself with nerves; his team hasn't been in the Superbowl since 1995. We shall see. Whatever the outcome, I'm looking forward to spending the day with some of our favorite people and rooting for our home team. 

What do you all have planned? I hope you have a fun time no matter what. See you Monday - xo!

Pride and Prejudice: The Cartoon.

The Hillary Clinton guide to being a powerful woman when you're surrounded by men.

Best pep talk ever. I'm on your team!

Would you ask any of these things on a first date?

I miss Pool Parties.

131 years of climate change.

So that's how that works. Huh.

A must watch TED Talk.

Such a sweet short.

Mr. Bliss - I love this.

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  1. :-) Seriously, I'd love to ask how long I have to wait until he answers my text!
    Next, is about lies. So many lies on the first, 2-nd, 3-d dates! wow! I'd love to ask about that. The rest can wait.

    1. Ha! That's a great 1st date question. :-)

    2. I can say it's a traditional Russian way to start a date ;-)


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