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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to keep your New Year's Resolutions.

I think the majority of us enter into the new year with the very best of intentions, motivated to improve ourselves, enthusiastically embracing self imposed challenges (never eat cheese again! make it to a 6 am yoga class five day a week!). While New Year's Resolutions can be a very positive thing - let's just say that, for the majority of us, this can become a tad overwhelming and unrealistic as well.  So I found some tips to help us all actually keep our resolutions this year.

Focus on one major goal. What would you most like to work on? What do you think would improve the quality of your life the most? Narrow it down to one manageable goal, if you reach it, you can always start working on a second goal mid-year. (After celebrating your success first, of course.)

Be specific. Instead of saying: I want to be healthier, say: I'll try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, or: I'll eat veggies with every meal. A goal that's too vague can become muddled and overwhelming, focus on one aspect you'll be less likely to give up on.

Make it a team effort. Tell your loved ones about your goal so you can enlist their support. Maybe you and your bestie can become weekend running buddies, or your partner can help remind you to go to bed on time. The support will keep you motivated and accountable.

Put it in writing. Maybe you write your goal on a post-it stuck to your lap top, on your fridge, or on your bathroom mirror. The daily reminder will keep you focused.

Be forgiving of yourself. Maybe your goal is to commit to meatless mondays, don't beat yourself up if you absently-mindedly  order a turkey sandwich for lunch once in a blue moon. Move on and do better next time. Focusing on defeated feelings of "failure" will only derail you. Instead, focus on what you're doing well, celebrate small successes, and keep moving forward.

There you go - good luck!

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