Happy Weekend!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh weekend, I've missed you so ... What do you all have planned my friends? I'm looking forward to dinner and parties with a few of my best gals, and to (hopefully) finishing up my holiday shopping.  To top it off, Hanukkah is starting this Saturday - my goal this year is to learn a little Hebrew. Ambitious? Perhaps. 

What do you all have panned?

See you here Monday - Happy Holidays! xo.

Seven ways to open a wine bottle without a wine-key, because a lady is always prepared.

December resolutions.

What is your innate gift?

Find the best facial for your winter skin.

OMG - is this fancy new perfume on your wish list too?

The Pantone color of 2013 is ....

Here you are, your go-to party look. Thank me later.

It's official, a royal baby!!

How to wrap a present, if you are super OCD.

Last year's Happy Hanukkah post

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  1. Ah, Hanukkah. My husband is Jewish and one of our goals is to start to incorporate some Jewish tradition into our holiday celebration :)

    Have fun!


  2. suuuuch a cute pic! I am going to a chamber orchestra concert on campus today...then the 'little black jacket' exhibition on Sunday with the bf and some friends. Hope you have an awesome weekend too!


  3. How did you know?! Pizza perfume is on my list! ;-) Happy week-end!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! We are doing Hanukkah too. Have a great couple days off! xoxo, Julie

  5. I absolutely love the weekends! I hope you enjoyed yours! :)

  6. Have a wonderful weekend we are celebrating Hanukkah as well!


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