Happy weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The weekend - we finally made it! This week has been BUSY, not only have there been a few changes around here, but work's been particularly hectic. Better to be busy than bored, right? It's also been a week for remembering and for gratitude. How were all of your weeks? Any fun weekend plans? I for one, am happy to have these two little days for some unscheduled bliss.

See you monday, here are some links to hold you over.

"Amazing" beauty tips from the 1900's - will you try any?

Fashion Week eye candy.

Internet habits.

Oh, Mindy - I heart you so much!

I love this photo of Hill.

All natural room fresheners. (I'm a total fan of the rosemary lemon.)

Things you should know about every sign.

What's with you [us] creative types?

Kimmy K's lip slip.

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