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Monday, July 9, 2012

How were all of your weekends? Wonderful I hope.

Ours was relatively epic. As I mentioned, we were up at our dear friend's ranch for his semi-annual Big Bend Ranch Party (BBRP for short - yes, this that much of a "thing"). BBRP is basically summer camp for adults. All of us make the trip up to the Ranch in Humboldt County, about an hour outside of Arcata (where the hubs and a lot of our friends grew up). We bunk up for a few nights, maybe have a little beer (or wine), and partake in activities including skeet shooting, paint ball, four-wheeling, swimming, and camping. On the last night we drive trucks up the mountain to watch the sunset ... and have a dance party, obviously. Oh, did I mention that the whole thing is themed? This year the theme was post-apocalyptic, so a lot of leather jackets, goggles, and  tight pants. It's a really fun time, here are some highlights:

Row one: a view of one of the ponds at the Ranch - I had failed to mention how breathtaking this place is above, the hubs all set for a little paint ball action, another beautiful view of the Ranch. Row two: shot guns prepped and ready for some skeet shooting, me jumping on the mountain top (look familiar?), car lights through the fog durring the dance party. Sigh, until next year ... xo! 


  1. Gosh, I thought the first photo was a painting; It's so picturesque. Looks like you all had a wonderful time in really beautiful surroundings.


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