Thursday, May 1, 2014

This arrangement looks pretty normal, just a simple bunch of white hydrangeas -- but it's so much more than that.

The hubs is not one for romantic gestures. He's not a surprise you on a tuesday with a bunch of roses because they reminded him of you kind of guy. In a good year, I'll get flowers from him maybe once on Valentine's Day. The hubs isn't a flowery words and love letters kind of guy either. He's much more of an actions speak louder kind of guy. But not big romantic gestures and actions. He's the kind of guy who shows love by getting up everyday and working his butt of for his family, through loyalty, through jokes and cuddles, through foot rubs, and by doing the dishes when I'm too tired to. You know those million little everyday-things that remind you that love isn't the fireworks of infatuation, it's the everyday business of working hard to build a life with someone. It's showing up and being there.

So when the hubs came home early from work on my birthday to surprise me with a bunch of white hydrangeas because he knows I love them, it was pretty special.

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