Wed Day

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aren't these photos of expectant families touching? These haunting images were taken by Russian photographer, Jana Romanova, in the wee hours of the morning before her subjects woke. Originally, she began the series "Waiting" by photographing her pregnant friends, but soon expanded to taking the portraits of strangers as well - 40 in total, one for every week of pregnancy.

I love how raw and unguarded these images are.

Romanova's work, represented by Anzenberger Agency, is now on view at Encontros da Imagem in Braga, Portugal. An exhibition of the photos in "Waiting" is on view at Monsteiro de Tibaes - you know, if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

Are you a mommy, or expecting? How did you sleep while you were pregnant? I've been using this huge pregnancy pillow, amazing for my back and overall comfort, not so much for snuggling though.

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