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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Would you take a college course on marriage? If you go to Northwestern University you can do just that. Their Marriage 101 course aims to give students more meaningful relationships throughout their lives. Students meet for lecture once a week and then have smaller break out sessions to discuss that week's topic. Books like Mating in Captivity are read and dissected along with more typical academic studies. Despite appearances, it's not a fluff course, and students eagerly clamor for their place in the class.  

Pop culture depicts romantic love as a matter of luck, you meet the right person, then everything effortlessly falls into place. Learning how to love well is anything but intuitive. Among the lessons students learn in this class are:
  • Self-understanding is the first step to having a good relationship
  • You can’t avoid marital conflict, but you can learn how to handle it better
  • A good marriage takes skill 
  • You and your partner need a similar worldview
Read more about the course here

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