Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mmm, how delicious is it to have another weekend stretching out in front of us? The first weekend of spring, no less! We'll be spending this one at birthing classes - I must admit I'm a little nervous, but also happy to be taking care of this pretty big "to-do." What do you all have planned?

I hope you all enjoy the next few days. See me here monday? xo!

Sweet new jams.

Beautiful maps, made from food!

Amy Poehler - I love you.

What languages sound like to foreigners.

Young peeps swap clothes with their older relatives.

De-bunking a sexy lie.

The science of older and wiser.

How to be more photogenic.

Once a California kid, always a California kid.

A few more crazy facts.

Oh San Diego, you were the perfect college town.

Let It Go - dance remix.

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  1. What a picture! I am spellbound.
    I work tomorrow, otherwise no plans. Enjoy the classes!

  2. Reading this after the weekend and feeling grateful that I did get out and enjoy it! Hope the birthing classes went well. I'll never forget mine.


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