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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So there's been a lot of buzz around Leaning In over the past year or so, but what about leaning ON?

I recently read this article which made me think about the ways in which leaning on someone is a strength and not a crutch. We are fortunate to live in a day and age (not to mention country) where as women we are not automatically expected to give up our careers and ambitions the day we get engaged. In a lot of ways I think my relationship strengthens my ambitions. Having a partner, a cheerleader in my corner, is invaluable motivation to do well - not just for myself but for my family. The hubs and I graduated college together, so we've been each other's support system though-out this whole twenty-something-welcome-to-the-real-world journey. I even supported him while he was completing his post-grad advertising program and I was taking on my first few "real" jobs.

I know I have some difficult choices coming up in the not so distant future in respect to the whole "mommy/career juggle." How all that will work out is TBD. Regardless, I can't help but reject the notion that relying on someone else and choosing to be a wife and mother (even if that means slowing down for a moment) is a weakness.

How about you dolls, what are your thoughts?

To be clear, this isn't a dig at you single ladies out there. I think both roads take courage and strength - but I can only speak to my own experience as a young wife and expectant mom.  

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  1. I never really think about what I'd do career-wise and what my boyfriend's role would be in that scenario if I were to become a mom, because at this point I really don't want kids... So it's really difficult to even imagine it.

  2. I agree with you Lauren. One of the missteps of mainstream feminism is that it has not celebrated the female side of gender roles (which can be played by a man as well). Anyone who would dedicate their life to raising a child should be honored and celebrate whether it is a man or a woman... husband or wife.


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