Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 3, 2014

It's a bit jarring interesting to have a weekend after a two day work week, but hey, I'll take it! What are you dears up to this first weekend of 2014?

We're headed to ... IKEA!! I love IKEA, I really really do - it's a sickness. The hubs is slightly less, er, excited - but what can you do? We are slowly making room, rearranging things, and replacing some well loved pre-wedding items in anticipation of baby girl's arrival later this spring. IKEA is the first step, along with some continued purging. It should be a nice little Saturday.

Whatever you do, I hope it's grand (or not, depending on what sounds good to you). See you here Monday? xo!

Simple feng shui tips to start 2014 fresh.

On beauty, I'll have to remember to share this with my baby girl later.

This could be rad.

Interesting look at how parents see their children.

I recently rediscovered this amazing blog.

These look divine, and dangerous.

Blue, it seems, is the Queen's fave.

Will you be doing the Home Cure this year?
I did it last year, and was glad I did. 

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  1. Happy new year! May you have all you wish, may you reach every goal, absolutely everything! I also looove Ikea :) But I seldom go there :( Maybe I go some day next week, who knows (and I hope so!) I will take a look on the feng shui tips, because I simply love feng shui, and the blog you are recommending! I wish you a great weekend! denisesplanet com

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I saw a post of yours on one of Di's Pinterest boards a few months ago and have enjoyed your blog ever since.
    Thanks for the link to the Home Cure. A series of clicks lead me to Discardia which is not new, but was an exciting new discovery to me.
    Happy new year and a non-alcoholic Cheers! to all 2014 is to bring. So exciting!


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