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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Have y'all read this article on the Huffington Post? While I don't agree that we should ban weddings and baby showers, I do think the author makes some valid points. Nothing in my life has been celebrated as much as my wedding, except maybe my pregnancy. I haven't started the rounds of baby showers yet, so we'll have to see. There is something about being princess for a day that can blind you to the long term realty of growing old with someone looong after the party's over.

Plus there are the social implications - weddings and babies are the biggest accomplishments in a women's life - I mean, these are the events we celebrate. There was no party when I got my SAT scores, or a 4.0, or when I got into college, or I got my first appartment, or traveled abroad for the first time, or got my first "real" job, or when I got that 2nd much better job, and I doubt there will be a party when I finally pay off my student loans. So what are we teaching young girls? I'm all for being a wife and mother - I think both of these things can bring great fulfillment - but I would hate to think that there's a young girl out there that feels these are the only accomplishments worth celebrating.

So let's do this. Let's keep the weddings, and all the showers, but let's start celebrating all the other milestones too. Let's let young girls know that being a wife and mother is a valid choice, but there are other valid choices, other ways to contribute and find fulfillment. Let's celebrate our girls in all the ways they go out into the world. Deal?

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