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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Got the winter skin blahs? Here a few quick fixes.

Chances are your skin is dry, soo ...

drink that water girl, and consider incorporating face oils in your AM routine. Follow that with a brightening primer. I'm really loving this pink one by Clinique at the moment. Next go for some tinted moisturizer, because you gotta get what moisture you can. Then you'll be amazed by the difference a little illuminator on cheek bones and the bridge of your nose can make. After concealer and a little mascara (or whatever you're doing with your eyes), finish the look with a nice pop of bright blush. Don't be scared by a shocking hue, when applied with a light hand, you'll be amazed by how alive and healthy your skin looks.

Winter blahs? What are those?

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  1. That's good to know about the Clinique primer, I like Clinique very much! Such a coincidence, I was going to write not about winter, but primers and moisturizers last Monday, but didn't have the time and postponed to the next week. Hope I have time then! I would love to use some oil, but unfortunately I have such a sensitive skin, that even a healing oil is not recommended :( But primers are fine! denisesplanet com


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