Weekend Wrap-Up

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This past weekend was just what I needed. I did ... nothing! Well next to nothing. I've been feeling really run down lately so sometime to just be was really a blessing. Plus I had Monday off for Columbus Day (or Indigenous Peoples Day as folks around here often call it), so a third day to do nothing was really an indulgent treat.

Friday night we went to dinner with a good friend we hadn't seen for a while, it was so nice to catch up over a good meal. Saturday, the hubs got up and out early to play frisbee disk golf with his buddies in Golden Gate Park. So I enjoyed a day to myself.

It was the first day in a loong time (over a year maybe) that I didn't leave the appartment. I know! I didn't just veg though, I cleaned, I baked, I cuddled with the kitties, and I caught up on my trashy TV (Kardashians and Real Housewives - I'm lookin' at you). The day ended with a call from the hubs, he was at In-N-Out and would I like him to bring me a cheese burger - um, do bears poop in the woods? Yes! Animal style please. I love surprises like that.

Sunday and Monday were more of the same, except that I managed to pull it together and get out into the world for a few long walks, a manicure, and some shopping in Union Square. Maybe not the most thrilling weekend to write home about, but it was just perfect to me

How were all of your weekends dolls? Restorative I hope!

Image via yours truly.
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  1. The food looks so good! I love to stay all by myself at home sometimes, too. Union Square looks so cool, I hope you found something you really liked there.


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