Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, September 9, 2013

How were all of your weekends, dolls?

My weekend started with a movie date night in with the hubs, and ended with gazpacho and sunday night football (joy). In between there were long hot days (hello SF september summer - the poor kitties were so warm), sunny walks by the bay, a picnic with an iguana (because, why not?), homemade iced coffee, a dinner date with my lovely Di, and a totally yummy brunch at the Nob Hill Cafe (classic) with another lovely lady friend. Admittedly, pretty low-key - just what I wanted.

Images via yours truly
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  1. What a great view of the bay!

  2. that homemade ice coffee is looking good.

  3. Love gazpacho, so delightful on a hot day (like Sunday was). Go Niners!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  4. it sounds like a perfect weekend to me :-)

  5. Walking an iguana... definitely the most bizarre part of your weekend :-P

  6. I celebrated my birthday last weekend. hehe! :)

  7. still recovering from my busy weekend and it is Tuesday! :) It sounds like you had a perfect weekend.

    xx ALecia www.likesof.us


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