Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hey dolls, welcome to another weekend. What do you all have planned?

I'm trying to motivate myself into tackling some projects I've been putting off. Namely, cleaning out my closest and dresser. Ugh, such a necessary evil but I know I'll feel better once it's done. Lighter. I've been feeling the need to make space, and I'm sure I'll breathe easier once the chores are tackled. So here's to getting things done! And having a little fun too ...

Have a fabulous few days, see you monday - xo!

The Changing Face of America. Amaze. 

Such a rad "Get Lucky" cover.

This will blow your mind. This too.

This made me laugh.

How to be terrible on Facebook. (hint: don't)

Interesting thoughts on internet comments.

I love love love this book.

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