Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey kids! How were all y'all's weekends? Mine was rather nice. There were all of the typical activities, the usual long walks, errands, mani-pedis, cooking, reading, snuggles, and chores - but there were special moments too, namely a date night for the record books.

Saturday night the hubs and I went to late night dinner and drinks at Lolo, a kitschy, cozy, inspired Mexican restaurant with a pretty sweet agave bar. If you find yourself in SF with a craving for Latin food - check it out (but be sure to make a reservation, they are always packed, and for good reason, everything is amaze). The space is cozy and brightly decorated. The table are all really close together so it's easy to make friends with your fellow diners. We sat by a really charming older couple (couple of friends that is) who were out to dinner after a play, clearly regulars. The four of us struck up a conversation and ended up sharing our meal family style! It was awesome - connections like that so rarely happen, plus we got to try twice as many dishes as we would have otherwise. It was so nice to meet people and have such a genuine interaction, even if it was just for the evening. It felt... special.

After dinner, neither of us were ready for the night to be over, so we walked around the corner to the Foreign Cinema. Hands down one of our favorite special occasion restaurants - they have a great bar as well, perfect for a night cap, exactly why we went. Then, we were on our way home.

Sunday the hubs had to work, so I had a full day of face yoga (I'm super into it guys - seriously, try it), TED talks, domesticity - I made my first meatloaf (rave reviews from the hubs, stay tuned for a recipe) - and generally getting ready for the week.

What did you do?

Images via yours truly. 


  1. Can't wait for the meat loaf recipe! My weekend was rather nice.

  2. That sounds like quite a meal.
    I haven't had a fun weekend in a month.. seriously need one.. just too much going on.


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