Happy Weekend!

Friday, July 12, 2013

The week after a holiday weekend is tough, no? Good on us for making it through. What do y'all have planed? It will be far less eventful 'round here than last weekend -- but I'm excited to stay closer to home and catch-up with my girls, get my nails did, and go for a few long walks in this beautiful city by the Bay. We'll see what unfolds.

I hope you all have a fab time and I'll see you monday. Until then - xo!

Babies experiencing things for the first time.

As if! Whatever ... 

Symmetrical portraits.

Face yoga - I am so doing this.

10 minute Victoria's Secret Work out.

Pickel Juice, who knew?

Make good choices!

I can't wait to see this movie.

Love you back.

Things that will feel normal by 30 ...

and 30 signs you're almost there.

When your mom say's she's fat.

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  1. Enjoy it! will be looking forward to your weekend recap :-) no pressure

  2. I do yoga, but I've never...err...yoga'd my face, lol :-) Maybe I will from now one ;-) I hope you're having a great weekend!


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