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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All about the cheek bones.

This is a look and a half - I'm totally loving it. Highlight and contour to give those cheek bones some major definition .Don't feel intimidated, you can certainly make it more subtle than this picture, if that's more your speed, but it's summer so I say why not revel in the bronzer a bit? Plus, the cheek bones (or illusion there of) really are the stars of this look. A well defined cheek bone really lifts and sculpts the entire face -- just experiment with it a bit. Keep your eyes subtle, a coat (or four) of mascara should do it, define your brows, and, if you really wanna do it up, line your water line with white liner. Then finish it off with a statement lip in a red orange (or coral if you want a softer look). A poppy mani finishes things off - like a little exclamation point. Perfect for parties, or just when you want an extra zing.

Image via Jonas Bresnan/Trunk Archive.


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