Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What to wear when you're the wedding guest. 

It's May, and we are officially in wedding season. Chances are, you'll be invited to at least one wedding this year. When you're in the wedding, or when it's yours, what you wear is prescribed - for the most part. When you're the guest, all eyes my not be on you, but there are some tricky etiquette issues to be aware of.

Please just don't wear white. I know a lot of the stuffy wedding etiquette of the past may be falling by the wayside, but this is something I feel really strongly about. Don't. Wear. White. Seriously. You won't up stage the bride (because, c'mon it's her wedding), but you may look tacky and like that was your intention. So, just don't. Also be careful of sparsely patterned dresses with a white background  and very pale shades of grey, peach, rose, and cream.

Other factors to consider are the wedding theme, venue, and time of day. Obviously, a morning garden wedding is going to be more casual than an evening affair at a country club. Personally, I think a bright cocktail dress in a flattering cut (not too revealing) will be perfect for most occasions. A LBD might be just the thing for a swanky evening event, while a poppy sundress might be appropriate for a daytime beach or garden wedding.

Thankfully, when you're a guest (and not a bridesmaid) you can pick a dress that you actually will wear again. Ha! Urban Outfitters (top batch), Anthropologie (middle batch), and Madewell (bottom batch) all have consistently fantastic options that won't break the bank.


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