Weekend Wrap-Up

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This past weekend was a bell curve. It stared slowly, built up momentum, and then coasted into Monday morning.

Friday night the hubs and I were both beat from our respective busy work weeks, so we ordered in and watched this movie (which I actually thought was pretty entertaining). Saturday morning I ran errands and wandered around the City enjoying the sun, then spent the afternoon drinking mimosas on the roof with the hubs before going out for birthday date night. The hubs surprised me with reservations here (awesome food, amazing desserts, fabo wine list) and a night out and about in the mission. Unfortunately, I don't have photos - the hubs thinks that it's super embarrassing for me to take photos in restaurants. Especially of food. Silly boy.

He had to work on Sunday (poopy), so I went for another looong walk. I ended up in the Marina and passed the time sitting in the sun watching the boats. Not a bad way to round out the weekend if you ask me.

How about you dears? What did you do?

Image via yours truly. 


  1. Not that much, enjoyed the sunroom with my mother in law and bought plants - that´s about it. :-)

  2. Mine was productive and relaxed. I got a lot done. :) It was a beautiful day to be at Chrissy Field, I'm sure.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. Oh, no, I just missed your birthday! Please, accept my apologies and a happy belated birthday! I know we shouldn't blame other people for our actions :) but I'll do so! Guilty for that was my trip to London, that often leaves me extremely tired on Monday! (My Monday post was scheduled, not written yesterday!)
    Hope you had a great day, and your baby sister too! How cool! Together! My brothers and I have birthdays in a row - November, December, January! :)
    The movie seems to be great, I like the actors - otherwise I would be put off by the title :) The Bar, wow, I didn't know we were close - I mean, I once studied in SDSU, quite close!
    Hope you enjoyed your drinks, it sounded so romantic on the roof!

  4. Nice pedi :-), and I want to see Gangster Squad too, but read too many negative comments. I will rent it!


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