Weekend Wrap-up

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hi-ho there, is it Monday already? But I feel like we just had one last week ... Eh, I guess I can't complain that much - this past weekend was actually pretty special.
Ze Girls and I in wine country
Friday afternoon I rented this movie (so fun!) and got a jump on my January Home Cure homework. A few hours later, the hubs came home to a full swing dance party of one. Once that wrapped up, we made dinner, then rented this movie, and called it a night.

Then it was time for Saturday's main event: ze girls and I were off to celebrate one of our own. That morning I resisted the urge to sleep-in, picked up our zip car, picked up my ladies, and we hit the road. We had decided to spend a rainy day in Healdsburg, a beautiful little town in the middle of wine country, just about an hour north of the City, in honor of our girl Di's birthday. We had a leisurely lunch at the lovely Barndiva, complete with candles, toasts, and well-wishes for the birthday girl. Then we bounced around shops and tasting rooms (mostly tasting rooms, let's be real) in the downtown area. Including a stop at La Crema, one of my absolute favorites wineries - you really cannot beat their chards and pinots (two of my favorite varietals). It was one of those rare days where everything comes together just perfectly. These ladies are such funny, smart, kind, amazing people. I could go on and on about how lucky I am to have them in my life, but I'll spare you the sap and just say that I am a very lucky gal. We had the best time. :-)

Rico & I - sweet boy
The next day was filled with football and video games (the hubs), cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping (me - wow, gender roles much?). But I also snuck in some QT with the kitties, received much praise for said cooking, and caught up on Downton Abby (or Downtown Alley, as the hubs calls it) - so, you could say a good time was had by all.

What did you do? I'd love to hear!

Photos via yours truly. 


  1. I heard so many people talk about Downtown Abby and how great it is. I got to see it some day!


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