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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Division of labor: how do you and your partner split up the household chores? After living together for a little over six years now, the hubs and I have fallen into a relatively established routine of responsibilities. I take care of most of the daily chores: I make the bed, do the dishes (primarily), do the (majority of) the cooking, dust, vacuum, mop, feed the cats, scour the bathroom, do the grocery shopping, and general tiding-up. Whew! That's not to say that the hubs just sits back, watches sports, and plays video games. He takes out the trash, compost, and recycling, changes the kitty litter (ew!), and does the laundry - he even hangs up all my delicates, which is pretty sweet actually. He also fixes things, gives the best back rubs, and is willing to run out on whatever errand I see fit to send him on.

This doesn't mean that we still don't have disagreements in this area, or that I don't get frustrated from time to time, but for the most part this unspoken system works for us. I'm sure we'll have to adjust what works as our family grows, but for now ... it's okay. :-) How about you, what works in your home?

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  1. He: vacuums, does laundry, trash and recycling, occasional breakfasts (oatmeal is his fave) and the dog
    Me: cats (including the litter boxes, we have three!!!), cooking, cleaning
    We do groceries and walk the dog together (most of the time).
    We do not have TV, so it helps :-)

  2. We're pretty split up the middle - I tend to do more laundry and he always makes the bed, but it almost always depends on who is busier! This week I have done absolutely nothing but the laundry got done and there aren't any dishes in the sink. It's nice to have that when you're slammed!

    That said, there have definitely been some weeks of ire when I feel overworked at my job and at home. I'm sure he feels the same way!

    I like your set-up with the hubs. Whatever works, right??


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