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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I've mentioned this before but it really is incredible how much you can change the shape of your eyes with strategic eyeliner. The images above are a great illustration of this.

Take a look at your face, consider your features, decide what you want to highlight, and go from there. The top left photo follows the basic shape of the eye - adding some flattering definition. By emphasizing the outside corners of the eye, and making the line a bit thicker in the middle (top right) you can both widen your eyes and make them appear rounder. Alternately, lining the inside corners (bottom right) can pull wide set eyes together. A winged line (middle right) will lift the whole face up, add a thin line along bottom lash line (middle left) to bring out (or create) an almond shape. While a thick line along the bottom lash line (bottom left) can lower eyes and bring balance to a long face.  There really are so many tricks out there.

Which of these techniques is your favorite? Do you have a go-to, or does it depend on the day?

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