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Monday, January 14, 2013

Last friday I wrapped up a five day cleanse. The first emotion I felt was relief, honestly, then accomplishment, and then motivation. Completely braking out of my regular eating habits really gave me the opportunity to critically consider my normal choices. I'm proud I made it through, and while I don't intend to keep up eating (or not, let's be real) in such a restricted way, there are a few new habits I do intend to keep up.   

First of all, less wine on weeknights. I realized that it had become a habit to come home from work and pour myself a glass of wine to wind down while cooking dinner - while this isn't such a bad habit, I can be just as happy having a glass of sparking water or tea (and least on Monday through Thursday). Better for my liver and my waistline. 

Secondly, I have to acknowledge that I have a problem, even worse than the wine. Cheese. Yes. I am a cheese addict. But after going five days with out it, I somehow survived. So I'm thinking I can eat less of it, save it for a treat and really enjoy it. 

Oddly enough, I didn't miss dessert that much - I think I can manage cutting out some of the sweets, this does not mean that I'm giving up my dark chocolate however. 

I also realized that I can power through the day on just one cup of coffee. I really enjoy the ritual of "running out for coffee" in the afternoon, but I can just as easily run out for a green tea, or a non-fat chai latte. :-) 

Lastly, I love veggies - I always have, but the romance has been reignited

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  1. I'm with you on the cheese one!! Wine big time, but cheese...I can't get enough!! I will try to give some up like you have!! Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes! xo, Julie

  2. I remember when I did a cleanse (years ago), that it gave a boost to my eating habits most of all. I think that is the real value of a cleanse, in the end. I'm with you on the wine, it's nice to pour a glass after a days work.

  3. It's funny... I had all those same habits and somehow slowly I recently broke out of them unintentionally. I don't think wine is THAT bad for you though. One glass of red wine, I don't think is a huge issue... I would always turn it into two or three or sometimes maybe even four though lol. And that is not good! I noticed when I cut out wine though, I naturally stopped eating so much cheese. I feel like wine and cheese just go so well together. When I cut out one, I guess I tend to cut out the other as well.


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