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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Traditions - emotionally charged tricky business. Currently the hubs and I are a baby nuclear family of two, so in many ways our traditions are our extended family's that we are just beginning to look at and interpret. Admittedly, the trickiest part has been traveling since our families are skattered from coast to coast; I know this is only going to get trickier as we and our siblings start having little ones of our own.

I think in the end flexibility will be key. We'll take our family traditions and adapt them to what works for us in the moment. It's interesting to look at which traditions are really special - my sister's cranberry sauce for instance, she doesn't even like cranberry sauce but makes it every year because she know's it's my favorite - and the traditions that you don't mind letting go of, like fruit in your christmas stocking for instance. I imagine that the hubs and I will take the ones that matter to us, add a few new ones, and sew them together into a patchwork quilt of warm-fuzzies that is just our own.

What are some of your special, and not so special, traditions?

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