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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday season is officially upon us - and with it, travel season. For most of my life, I've had a Mom in Southern California and a Dad in the Washington DC area, so I grew up going back and forth. That coupled with living abroad twice and subsequent international trips. and you could say I've spent my fair share of time in airports and on planes. Here are a few tricks I've learned along the way.

You can be comfy-cozy and chic at once:

My usual travel outfit consists of a good pair of leggings or jeans, a classic tank, cozy socks and sweater (see also this, and this), with a nice pair of (pull on) boots to pull it all together (and aid in security line speed), topped with a cute jacket and you're set. It's amazing what the right pair of boots and jacket can do. This basic formula is comfortable enough to get you through a 5 hour + plane ride, and won't have you looking like a total shlub at the end of your journey.

A great bag will do you wonders:

A nice looking, durable bag like this Marc by Marc Jacobs number, or a smokin tote will help to make security a breeze. Not only will it help you look pulled together, but if you're organized  all of your travel essentials will be close at hand. I also usually keep my baggie of liquids in my bag to further speed up the security line process, much easier than digging through my carry on to find it all.

You need a big scarf:

A nice big (soft) scarf that can also serve as a blanket is key, it looks good on and will save you in flight as the onboard temperature begins to drop. I don't care if your final destination is somewhere tropical, you'll be so happy you have the extra warmth on board.

Protect your skin:

If you're flying durring the day, please please please wear your sun screen - the UV rays are so much stronger when you're so much closer to the sun (a no brainier, I know). If you're taking the red eye (my personal favorite way to get to the east coast - I find it helps minimize the jetlag) go through your nighttime skin care routine before you leave for the airport. Then, if you feel the need to wear make up, I usually just wear a tinted moisturizer, concealer, a bit of cream blush, and some mascara. Flying is really drying no matter what time of day, so be sure you have some heavy duty moisturizer in your bag to apply before hand and in flight as needed. A good hand cream is also a nice luxury to carry.

Also, arrive early enough to have ample time to get through security. Being strapped for time at the airport is the worst. So stressful! Plus, if you're early enough to have extra time in the terminal  what better opportunity to read a bit and have a dink at the airport bar? Soothes away any pre-flight jitters.

What are your travel secrets?

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  1. Great tips! :)


  2. I love all these tips! These can really make such a difference with how you feel while traveling.

  3. My family is in Russia, so I travel at least once a year. I agree with all of the above. My flights are usually for over 8 hours. It is important what I wear: light but warm (cashmere, for example) stretchy fabrics so I can curl up and move around easily; a hand sanitizer, hand cream and face mist!


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