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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Male Brain is a mysterious thing, no? That's why I'm reading this book.

Years ago I read the companion book, The Female Brain, and found it to be both enlightening and insightful. It was amazing and reassuring to be able to have a deeper understanding of both my physical and mental self -- to better understand the biological roots of some of my actions and emotions. So I thought it could only be beneficial to have the same base of knowledge about the hubs, couldn't hurt right?

Well so far so good. Both books take you through the brain as it develops and changes though a human life cycle. The author, Dr. Brizendine, does a wonderful job of making the text both cerebral and accessible. The differences between men and women really are vast, it's incredible and fascinating. It's no wonder I feel like he and I speak different languages sometimes, but at least after reading this book I hope to have a better understanding as to why.

I totally recommend both books as a way to understand yourself and your loved ones better.


  1. Sounds so interesting. And frankly, a must-read for me as I find myself the only woman in a house full of 3 little boys and a husband! Thanks for the recommendation. Love your blog, by they way! Going to go check out more!

  2. Oh yeah - this is totally the book for you, Lauren. I'm so glad you like my blog, and I'm so glad to have discovered yours too now! xo!


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