Happy Weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2012

It was a big week, one for breaking new ground, for victory and defeat. After which - I'm ready for a break, I don't know about y'all. I just sincerely hope that in the coming months we can put whatever hard feelings there may be lingering after Tuesday behind us, and move forward as one team - USA all the way!

What do yo have panned this weekend? I hope you have a great time these next few days no matter what you do - see you monday! xo!

The purpose of the electoral college.

Can't wait to see this movie!

What you should take your 20's seriously.

92 years of women voting.

From sustainability to resiliency.

Get ready to travel for the holiday's in style.

A fantastic reflection on the election.

Five animal sites to make you smile.

A picture of a picture of an ad of a myth.

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  1. what a cool image, very appropriate for the election!


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