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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The name game ...

So this topic is a bit big (understatement of the year). I've been married a little over a year now, and have yet to change my name legally. I'm not opposed to doing it, but it hasn't felt urgent. Last year I had a bunch of little New Years resolutions, but my main one was to change my name. Guess what my New Years resolution is for 2013 ... yep, you got. Change the name. But ... I'm not sure I'm ready to say bye to my maiden name.

I happen to LOVE my last name - I've got this whole alliteration thing going that I'm kinda into, plus it just feels so much more "me" than the hub's name, which feels so "him." Maybe the problem is that neither name really feels like "us." My plan still is to change it, specifically prior to having kiddos, but it still feels a little sad to me. Not to mention that the whole process of changing one's name is SO complicated; I get really overwhelmed every time I think about it, so then I just don't think about it for awhile. Maybe I should use a site like this to help the process along.

So tell me, what did you do - or what do you plan to do? Was it an emotional choice? Have you seen the Last Name Project?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!

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  1. that's a tough one! it's too bad all the pressure to change is on the girl. A friend of mine didn't change hers until her kids started school, so don't feel pressured to change it right away.

    1. I know, right?! Thanks for sharing your friends story, that's actually an interesting idea ... :-)


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