From the weekend

Monday, October 1, 2012

I went into this past weekend feeling a bit under the weather,with no real agenda. I kind of love unscheduled weekends, you can just be breezy and go where the wind takes you - which is exactly what happened.

Friday evening on a whim, we decided to meet up with a few friends at a bar in our neighborhood. Somewhere over the course of the evening, the hubs and our friend Colin hatched a plan to go sailing on saturday. Having friends with fun hobbies/skills does not suck, and neither does sailing. I really love being on the water, and I actually love boats, which I guess is kinda random for someone who isn't a sailor per se. We sailed around the bay, had a late lunch on the patio here (classic), and sailed back as the sun was setting. That night we all ended up at the Hi Lo, a new favorite. (Thanks again Colin, we had a fantastic time!)

Sunday was less of an adventure, but nice none the less. I slept waaay in, did my chores, walked around the Polk Street Blues Fest, got my nails did, and watched the sunset on the roof. Not too shabby all around.

What did you all do? I'd love to hear!


I love hearing your thoughts - it seriously makes my day!

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