Chocolate Mousse

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mmm, how can you say no to mousse? Light and tasty, plus it's rather sophisticated don't you think? Serve it at a dinner party and your guests will think you worked way harder than was actually required. 

  • Ingredients: 
    3/4 cup (6 ounces) water
    8 ounces chocolate (we used 70% bittersweet — choose a high quality chocolate you love)
    whipped cream for topping (optional)

  • Method: 
    Simply pour water into a saucepan Then, over medium-low heat, whisk in the chocolate, creating a consistant sauce.

    Put the saucepan in a bowl partly filled with ice cubes (or pour into another bowl over the ice -- it will chill faster), then whisk the chocolate sauce, either manually with a whisk or with an electric mixer (if using an electric mixer, watch closely -- it will thicken faster). After a while strands of chocolate form inside the loops of the whisk. Pour or spoon immediately into ramekins, small bowls, or jars and let set.

    Note: Three things can go wrong. Here's how to fix them. If your chocolate doesn't contain enough fat, melt the mixture again, add some chocolate, and then whisk it again. If the mousse is not light enough, melt the mixture again, add some water, and whisk it once more. If you whisk it too much, so that it becomes grainy, this means that the foam has turned into an emulsion. In that case simply melt the mixture and whisk it again, adding nothing. 

    Enjoy immediately, or refrigerate. Whipped cream optional.

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