Happy Weekend

Friday, August 10, 2012

I've been really excited for this weekend for a while now. One of our best out-of-town gals is in town for a belated birthday celebration at this swanky spot. (I know, another amazing lady). So it will be some much needed San Francisco gal pal time followed by ... Outside Lands! We're gonna see Stevie baby! We played a lot of Stevie at our wedding, so it will be really neat to see him live. 

I have high hopes. What are all you lovies up to? 

I hope you all have an amazing time no matter what you do, meet me back here Monday? Please do, and enjoy these links 'til then. xo!

That's a man baby!

In case you were wondering, women are not the new men

Olympians in their golden years.

A totally inspiring Home Tour.

A beautiful freckle face.

Avoid these beauty blunders.

Actively trying to convince the hubs we need portraits done like these.

There's still enough Summer left to fit in one or two of these.


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