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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last week, Joanna of Cup of Joe posted this post about the fact that our partners will annoy us (they are humans after all) and that it's ok. (We annoy them too.) Annoyances shouldn't make or break a relationship, they can turn into jokes and endearments over time; but it's easy to lose sight of that in the moment. She quotes her husband, Alex:

"Young people in relationships tend to give negative things too much weight and underrate the positives. Negatives often get three times the weight of positives. But look at married couples in their eighties. Their little annoyances are often all they talk and joke about. 'Oh, Miriam always says this...' 'Oh, Herb always does that...' The little annoyances are acknowledged, accepted and part of the fabric of their relationship. They try to act like they're driving each other crazy but they really can't live with out each other. Annoyances aren't a deal killer. They're a natural part of a long, happy marriage."

Such a good reminder, don't you think? What annoys you about your partner? The hubs procrastinates on everything, uses several different water glasses instead of refilling the one he just used, and leaves nail clippings on the coffee table. Ew! I on the other hand am super neurotic about how the bed is made, am always late, and talk durring movies. But, what can you do? We love each other, so it doesn't matter. Plus, it's all kinda funny in a weird sort of way. :-) 

Image from the film Annie Hall. 


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