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Monday, March 5, 2012

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 

This past weekend the hubs' parents were in town. We spent a really nice Saturday together, aside from having a great dinner here (a tried and true good time), and an "adventure" on public transit, we spent the day at the Cal Academy of Sciences - a great aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museum rolled into one. If you are ever in San Francisco it's a must vist. Aside from everything I just mentioned, it's in the middle of Golden gate Park (a destination in and of itself), it has a multi story domed rainforest full of butterflies (!), a sci-fi-esque living roof, and is a LEED Platinum certified green building. Here are some shots I snapped while wandering around:  

zebras from the african exhibit

albino alligator 

jelly fish

rock cod in the aquarium 

view from the rainforest into the aquarium 

view from the aquarium through the rainforest


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