Happy Weekend!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Hi dolls, happy Friday. :-)

Thanks for bearing with me through my bloging absence. Things have been quiet around here (punctuated by spurts of baby crying). We've just dug in and are really focusing on settling into this new season of life. Days are filled with nursing, diapers, mini infant tantrums, naps, and laundry. Thank goodness for the hubs. He's been taking care of everything around the house to help me recover, and now fancies himself a swaddling expert to boot. This weekend should be more of the same, which is a-okay by me. (I'm really working on embracing this whole "slower pace" thing.)

I'm hoping to get back to a more regular posting schedule in the next week or so - I still have a lot to share on the last trimester of pregnancy and on these early days of motherhood, plus I'm excited to get back to the usual silliness of make-up, bouquets, and drinks. Stay tuned!

I hope you all have an exciting weekend ahead - see you next week! xo.

I guess this is what the hubs has to look forward to.

The best commencement speeches, ever. (Plus one silly one.)

How to read body language.

Five skills everyone should know.

Master the art of small talk.

How to baby proof your pad.

Are you on board with this new selfie trend?

Why men don't recognize misogyny. Plus, why I'm furious. 

Charming facts about children's books.

A father's salient point, in the midst of grief. Heartbreaking.

College is such an amazingly formative period.

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