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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The one word that should never follow "I love you."

I think most of us do this from time to time, the "I love you, but." I love you, but I need you to pick up your socks, I love you, but sometimes you make me crazy, I love you, but ...

It's just a little word. What's the harm? I recently read a post about just this. You think the "I love you" part softens the blow of whatever you need to say - because it's true. Yet, the "but" only serves to negate the "I love you." It makes your love sound conditional. More like an "I'd love you if." It's amazing the power of one little word, huh?

The author started saying "I love you, and ..." instead, and that has worked really well for her and her partner. I might simply use a different preface all together, maybe a "honey, please." Honey, please pick up your socks, honey, please, sometimes you make me crazy, honey, please ... It could work.

Do any of you do this sort of think? It's amazing the difference little tweaks can make in your communication overall.

Image of Joanna McCormick and Colin Fox photographed by Jerry Schatzberg in New York, 1958.
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