Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Any big plans dolls? Some sweet sweet girlfriends of mine are throwing me a second baby shower - I feel so spoiled! I'm excited to see some of my favorite gals, and some of the incredible women in my family. What's more, the hubs had been traveling for work this past week and is finally home! It really wasn't a long trip in the grand scheme of things, but I'm approximately a gazillion weeks pregnant and so glad he's home.

I hope you all have something special in the works too. Meet me monday? xo!

Beautiful views from above.

My hero. (See also.)

TED Talks not to miss.

Balancing the budget, one font at a time.

Ford kinda crushes it with this one.

Everything we love to hate about ads.

40 facts to make you smile.

What people eat around the world in a day.

I love you Mindy.

Eight ways to change your life.

Um, these are the prolly the best home movies. ever.

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