Happy Weekend!

Friday, February 21, 2014

What do you dolls have planed? We have one of our first pregnancy classes on Saturday - a birth partners yoga workshop to be exact. I'm sure I'm looking forward to it much more than the hubs, eh, what can you do? Aside from that, who knows? A long walk or two perhaps, maybe a mani pedi, we shall see.

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a great few days. Meet me here Monday? xo!

Should we fear the Jessa?

Truly amazing photos of remote tribes.

We are all connected - how wolves change rivers.

A Princess Bride 25 year reunion. As you wish!!

Embracing JOMO.

It is not okay to steal kisses - here's why.

The intersection of stock photography and feminism.

Fantastic beauty comebacks.

Ski jumper's view from the top. yikes!

This is way to cute.

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