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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are you a beard fetishist?

I'm not begging the hubs to go full mountain man, but there's something about a little scruff that's soo sexy. Amarite? What about you dolls? Beads por vida? Or do you prefer another kind of facial hair on your guy? Or maybe you like 'em clean shaven?

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  1. I agree a little scruff is sexy, but my face doesn't like the guy's facial hair :-)

  2. I agree, a little scruff is really sexy! But anything more than scruff is just creepy, lol. My boyfriend dreams of growing a long beard, but I always tell hem that if he does I will just cut it off while he's sleeping, lol.

  3. Ha, this is great! I do prefer my guy with some stubble. He would look so handsome with a beard, alas he can't grow one without it looking patchy. But he has a serious head of hair that is pretty awesome, so I can deal!


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