Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 17, 2014

After two consecutive weekend of nesting, it's time I flew the coop. Yep, I'm hitting the road -- off to LA for a girls trip, mini vacation, and belated 30th birthday celebration for a dear dear friend. I'm excited to soak up some winter sun, and to eat and shop my way through la la land. 

How about you dolls - what do you have planed? See you here monday? xo!

What not to regret at the end of your life.

Mullets: a math lesson.

This is such a sweet idea - so is this!

How many have you already been to? I've crossed 11 off the list.

Umm ... WTF?

The evolution of the single woman on TV.

What defines YOU?

Bill on Gilda. A really lovely story.

This is modern day feudalism, and it's shocking.

Yes, you can be a powerful and likable woman.
(Funny that this isn't something that men are asked to worry about.)

Why we should stop hating on the "other girl."

How big is your vocabulary

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